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Stuff to come. bare with me on this one


Shiny or Morph Babies
For babies with either the shiny or the morph trait~
Fusion or Cross Babies
Payment for babies with one of these traits~
[Or ones that are priced at this price]
Two Trait Babies
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PKMNation: Celestial Meadow's

Sat Jun 4, 2016, 6:52 AM


-Ranch Banner-


Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose

'Bordered alongside a large magical forest a quaint little english farmhouse sits among the vast meadows that go as far as the eyes can see. Certain sections of the meadows even seem to develop their own mini seasons all throughout the year. The Pokémon here all roam free, and are left to their own devices to a certain extent. All the food is home grown from the wide variety of crops in the fields, to the large fruit orchard to the back of the ranch. The farm is mostly known for it's wide variety of Mareep and their specialty wool. Each of these prized Mareep have their own little stable catered to their own preferences.' 

'While the owner is barely ever seen, her trusted Pokémon take good care of the farm as well as help run everything smoothly.'
Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara    Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara 
Ranch Owner Information
Name: ???
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Trainer Class: Breeder and Trainer
Inventory: Barn Storage
Bio: ???
Pokémon: Male | Female
Ranch Information
Bullet; White Ranch name: Celestial Meadows
Bullet; White Trainer: -unknown-
Bullet; White Ranch typings:  |  
Bullet; White Pokémon speciality: Mareep
Bullet; White Ranch size: 10 Acres
Bullet; White Pokémon count: 97/100
Bullet; White Breeding Schedule: PKMNation: Breedings
Bullet; White Sales board: PKMNation: Sales
Bullet; White Mareep selection: PKMNation: Sheep List
Ranch Map by CatLuvsCookies
Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara    Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara 
Battle Policy
Pokémon battles aren't a priority on this relatively peaceful farm, if you are interested however just pop on down and inquire. We tend to only allow training on the farmlands, in order to allow the learning of moves.

Clutch Rules
1. Clutch babies must be payed for via the commission widget within 48 hours of the clutch being accepted, or it will go back up for adoption. Level payments will differ from this and will be discussed at the time depending on the amount.
2. I will not sell you a baby if less than half of your Pokémon don't have references.
3. If someone already has asked for a Pokémon, do not attempt to guilt trip them into letting you have it. Clutch babies are first come first served unless otherwise specified.
4. Do not hide your comment to back out of an auction if you change you mind. Just either repost/edit your comment to say you retract your bid.
5. Don't buy a design just to re-sell or move it out to a different group immediately. If you wish to purchase it for another group you must inform me first before any payment is made.
Should you no longer want a Pokémon you have brought from one of my clutches, please let me know! Depending, I may want to purchase them back, plus I like to see where they end up going~

Designs must be sold at the most for the price they were purchased for, unless they have gained levels.
I have no problem with you transferring my designs outside of the group, however you must let me know first! I'd like to know what group they will be ending up in.

Visitors are always welcome to the farm! We are happy to interact with all kinds of visitors and Pokémon. If you'd like to arrange a meeting with a particular Pokémon, don't be afraid to ask! 
Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara    Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara  Glass Star Bullet (Blue) by Gasara 
Neighbouring Ranches
[Close friends]
SkittleLushRainbow Marsh
CollyWobbliesDark Crystal Cavern
SarahostervigFairy Gate Garden
These are ranches that have a close connection with Celestial Meadows, wether it be due to Pokémon, or long lasting friendship between owners.

They are entitled to a few little benefits:
1. First look at clutches should they wish[Providing I have you on Skype]
2. Chances are I will include your Pokémon in drawings of my own, wether it be for an event or simply leveling.
3. Will be first to know should I decide to lifemate any of my Pokémon.
4. Possibility of a free clutch baby should I think they'd be perfect for your ranch.

Original CSS by fantasy-aliveEdited by CatLuvsCookies

Need help naming my Inkay/Mareep! Any ideas? 

1 deviant said It's this little girly right here:
1 deviant said I'm having a mental block at the moment haha


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